Main advantages of high-pressure valves:

  • operating pressure range: from rating 600 to rating PN 100 – PN 420 API10000 to 680 bar!
  • operating temperature range: -60°C to max. +200°C
  • possible use in case of high concentrations of sulfurated hydrogen (H2S)
  • convenient maintenance
  • long service life (50 years)
  • low weight
  • simple modular structure

I. Modular design

Spare parts for a body, valve, seat, spindle, gasket, etc. within one series can be used in different variants.


1) Valve body 1 «- ANSI 1500 (PN = 250 bar) may be used both for a stop valve and for a control or сheck valve.

2) A cone ½ «of a control valve 1» — ANSI 600 (PN = 150 bar) can be applied to a control valve 1 «- ANSI 2500 (PN = 420 bar)

A control valve spindle consists of two components, whereby the most wear-prone part – here it is a cone — shall be replaced; the cone stem is kept for further use.

II. Interchangeable internal fitting

All components of internal fitting, such as the cone, cone stem, spindle, seat, cage, gaskets or sealing elements are replaceable and fit, if necessary, the appropriate valves.

Example: Increase of the volume of the agent flowing through the control valve is due to the replacement of the cone ½ «to 3/8» and a suitable thereto seat ½ «to 3/8» without dismantling, replacing any other components such as the housing, cone stem, gaskets etc.

III. Armored cone stem in the area subjected to high pressures

 Armoring of the cone stem in the area exposed to high pressure makes it possible to use more solid gaskets, which leads to reduction of gasket scaling, reduces wear and thus increases service life.

IV. Simple and thus quick repair of valves

 Example: When replacing valve parts no heavy lifting mechanism is needed for repair.

V.The valves are designed for three-flange manufacture

 VI. Diaphragm actuator

 Used ARCA Membranantriebe actuators are very quick and easy to install or readjust.


  • reversing from Fail-Closed to Fail-Open
  • simple installation and disassembly
  • easy setting of condition regulators, magnetic switches or tripping devices.

VII. Limited power for actuating and controlling the operation of stop valves

Stop valves are constructed in a way to be able to respond to small force that suggests easy and quick operation.

Modular system (closing, regulating, non-return valve)

Our fittings due to special anti-wear protection of highly strained elements are designed for long term use with optimal maintenance intervals.