Development of high-pressure fittings for gas production complex is our special proud. All our experience in production of high-quality long-term materials and up-to-date coating technologies was used by us when developing a special valve production program.

Our fittings can be fully relied on in any situations – in case of continuous wear, extreme temperatures, great pressures, exhaustible rate of operations and high workflow rates.



Main Features of our Fittings:

1. No Cast Parts

We use only durable structural components and no cast parts. Valve and guide housing is made of high-quality materials according to the customer specifications and generally accepted standards! As a result, we guarantee satisfaction of the most demanding requirements for pressure and temperature, along with achievement of the common goal: increasing service life and maintenance intervals

2. Internal Fittings


  • Seats and balls for KVT control valves are made of solid alloys.
  • Ball stems for control valves have nickel-tungsten carbide based coating.
  • Seats and spindles of stop valves also have nickel-tungsten carbide based coating.

In general, high-quality make of internal fittings results in slower wear and significant extension of service life, thus increasing efficiency of the equipment operation.

3. Interchangeable Internal Fittings

The design of our valves allows for their adaption to various operation conditions within the installation at any time in accordance with their specific sizes. Thus, maintenance costs and delivery time are significantly reduced.

4. Replaceable Valve Seats

Seats in KVT Kurlbaum fittings are not welded to the valve bodies. It leads to significant decrease of maintenance costs not only facilitating spare parts procurement but also, above all, reducing working time spent for maintenance.

 It results in:
  • accelerated commissioning;
  • simplification of operations performed by personnel on site;
  • reduced stock of spare parts, tools and accessories.

5. KVT Modular System for our Fittings

When designing fittings, we carefully consider and implement the main requirements and wishes of the customer:

  • simplification and acceleration of commissioning;
  • reduced expenses for maintaining warehouse stock and
  • longer service life.

6. Types of Control Valve Drives

In fact, the design of our control valves allows for possible use of any drives regardless of the manufacturer and the drive type including an electric or pneumatic one. Thus, the customer may freely choose any appropriate drive and desired manufacturer suitable for them without violating the set principles of selection and operation of the whole set of equipment.